This is was my first and super special anniversary session!! Tommy and Kendal have been together for 10 years and married for 7!! I loved the idea of an anniversary session for so many reasons. One being that photography has come such a LONG way over the years. There’s an incredible amount of talented photographers with stunning images flooding the media.  This gives couples a fun opportunity to get the images they wish they had or maybe they loved their wedding photos but their style and taste has changed! Whatever the reason is, these sessions are a fun way to get dressed up as much as you want and re-live that special moment with your lover next to you.

We traveled up to Sequoia National Park and it was so beautiful!! How could you not get excited to take photo’s in this place and with such a great couple! If you haven’t been it is a must!!  I loved seeing the connection between Tommy + Kendall and how they make each other laugh!!  I first started out with a couple individual shots, as if it was their “getting ready” moments all over again. We then danced around the park (literally) from spot to spot and had the most fun with outfit changes and moody lighting. It felt magical and I’m truly thankful they let me photograph them!