Hey all, I’m Stephanie! I’m a 25 year old Northern California girl who recently  said “I do” to my most favorite guy – Andrew (He’s my biggest supporter and my best adventure!) He and I are both wired with creative hearts! We love serving our friends and family with our gifting and passions and are always excited for new collaborations. We keep each other stirred and inspired for more. If I’m not behind the camera I’m usually getting into a good read, catching brunch and coffee with friends or trying to squeeze in a road trip.

I’m constantly venturing into all types of mediums to play around with but photography has been the most fun for me. As of lately, I’ve been captivated and inspired by gorgeous landscapes and city-spaces with beautiful light and all the people I meet in between.

I long to create timeless photographs that take you back to the very moment it was taken. No two photos are the same and that’s what I love about doing this. I’d love to get a chance to help create your moment  and story – whether it’s your love for family, your senior year, or counting down the days until you say I do to your fiancé. Let’s get together + connect to make things happen!